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Jim Quach Dr. Amy Pederson Contemporary Art April 23 rd 2008 Yves Klein and Grids The grid art form is the newest form of modern art. It appears in many art pieces and demonstrates the epitome of what contemporary art is to be defined as. Grids demonstrate its symbolistic value towards modern art by expressing it through spatial and temporal values of the painting. Grids are usually made up in two space which means that it is to be flat and on a sheet a paper rather than in three space. This is a general attribute of modern art which is to refer back to the original flat pieces and simple geometry rather than the extreme notion of three dimensional geometry and heightened perception. In the temporal value of any grid art work, it is just the appeal of art. As any piece of art in the past, grids are no exception to the aura of authenticity. Grids provide the same aura within each painting the same way the past works of art has and grids have not occurred in any other category other than the modern art. The grid is starting to appear in more artwork, and also in places where you wouldn't expect it to be found. For example, in many treaties and maps that contain these grids. Each grid
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yves klein - Jim Quach Dr Amy Pederson Contemporary Art...

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