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Essay Outline Test 3_Outline - What is postmodernism...

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What is postmodernism? Discuss some of the similarities and differences between the various postmodern theorists addressed in the course. How do these theorists help us to understand the movie “12 Monkeys.” Introduction Postmodernism- an intellectual movement in the arts, literature, and social sciences that wants to trace out the political, moral, and cultural implications of the collapse of the idea of progress. Use techniques such as: pessimism, subjectivity, irrationality, fragmentation, and hyperconsumption (Hyperconsumption: An extraordinary level of consumption associated with the contemporary world: Ritzer) Post modernism is against: o Grand Narrative- A universal, totalizing account of history that makes generalizations about the past, present, and future. Postmodernists say that this just legitimizes current power relations; see history as multi-linear o Foundationalism- belief that our values and knowledge are justified by referencing some timeless foundation (ex: God, human, nature, reason). Post-modernists think that values and truths are social constructions P.1 Foucault discusses society in which discipline and control over people is widesperead. He discusses the prison system as a
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Essay Outline Test 3_Outline - What is postmodernism...

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