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1SOC 101: Potential Essay Questions for Exams 1-3 Exam 1 1) Briefly discuss the origins, history and central assumptions of the idea of progress. How did King Leopold of Belgium use this idea to justify the plundering of the Congo and the murder, enslavement and exploitation of its people? - four stages of Christianity - garden of eden (natural state) - serpent (knowledge good and evil) - expulsion from garden (unnatural state) - second coming (natural state) - The belief that all societies go through a fixed series of stages of social development - Everyone has a natural state and deviation from that natural state is caused by external factors - Aristotle’s theory of progress – family to village to state (social hierarchy) - societies are like organisms - Marx believes history goes through modes of production (relations of production vs. forces of production) which usually leads to class antagonism and economic crisis which then leads to revolution – progress - King Leopold uses guise of philanthropic association. He convinces congo he is here to bring about positive change and revolutionize the congo. - Acquired natural resources (quinine) and slaves. - Leopold placed more emphasis on resources than cultural diversity. Leopold’s take – congo his fault or situational? Colonialism to blame? 12) Briefly discuss Marx’s theories of human nature and history. How can these theories help us understand the ongoing process of globalization and the student movement against sweatshops which has arisen to contest the inequality and exploitation associated with globalization? Can you identify any shortcomings of Marx’s theory? -
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