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Marketing Principles Study Guide Fall 2008 Exam 3 You Should Know: CHAPTERS: CB, Products 1 @ 2 (the chapter numbers will vary based upon the edition: Pay attention to the topics) a) Product Concepts b) Classifying Products c) Product Line and Product Mix d) Life Cycles e) Product Adoption Process f) New Product Development g) Positioning and repositioning (note: some editions of the text put this in segmentation. .it fits better in products) h) Product deletion i) What are consumer problem solving processes? j) What is involved in the consumer buying process
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Unformatted text preview: k) What are decisional, experiential & behavioral influence l) What are the linkages between attitude, behavior and belief (within the perspectives above) m) Situational and psychological and social influences on the buying decision process Short answers: In a relatively short and concise response, explain clearly why it is important to marketers to understand what decisional mode a consumer is operating in when making a decision....
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