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Kinder Surprise is in the packaged foods industry. This means that there is a food. manufacturer who has to make the foods, package and distribute them. Ferrero is the manufacturing company of the eggs, while MPG now manufacturers the toys inside them. Originally, Kinder Surprise eggs wanted to target children. The little surprise toys were intended to capture the imaginations of small children, while delivering them sweets. The way this toy was going to separate itself was not with the chocolate, but with the toy itself. The “surprise” that would come out of the chocolate was the selling point of the product. While the chocolate itself is considered “mediocre” by Kinder Surprise aficionados, and there are serious Kinder Surprise aficionados, they take solace in its mediocrity. The strategy behind the product has always been the diversification of its toys, and the unpredictability and quality of them. Its’ primary customers, though, have become quite different than Ferrero originally intended. While the toy was originally intended for Children, an adult cult phenomenon has come out of collecting Kinder toys. In fact, there is a serious collector’s market that pushes the success of this product. These collectors call themselves “completists” as they attempt to have every form of the Kinder toy product ever made. In total, there have been thousands of various toys that have come from these Kinder surprises, and actually obtaining all of them is very difficult. This difficulty in obtaining them comes through some of the segmentation
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#2_Essay - Kinder Surprise is in the packaged foods...

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