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#8. Kinder Surprise’s firm is Ferrero International S.A. It’s in the financial business, specifically it is a holding company with interests in the manafucture of confectionary, including chocolate. Under the NCAIS code 311320 of chocolate and confectionary manfucturing from Cacao beans, Ferrero involves itself in a giant industry. In 2006, it was reported by Dun & Bradstreet that the industry had 631 compaines and posted annual sales of nearly $7.1 billion with about 17,179 employees. In the 1990’s, more producers became health conscious consumers, and thus the industry had to adjust to making its product seem either healthier or a treat someone could have because their product was special. Fortunately, though, in 2000, the health benefits of high-end dark chocolates and cocoa were released. It was shown that cocoa plant extracts have been proven to reduce cholesterol and contain high amounts of natural antioxidants which fight disease-causing “free radicals”. Also, chocolate tends to be a seasonal product, receiving fluctuated demand based
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