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Marketing Principles Study Guide Exam 2 You Should Know: CHAPTERS: International, market research, segmentation a) Corporate Culture (Schein stuff from class) b) What are target markets? c) What is market research? d) Customization vs globalization (examples) e) General issues in moving beyond borders f) Levels of international involvement g) Be able to describe and define the process of doing market research h) What is the full-cycle model i) Examples of different types of research methods/approaches (EDEA)
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Unformatted text preview: j) Identify appropriate target strategies k) Determining which segmentation variables are being used l) Be able to identify types of market evaluations and segments (i.e., potential) m) What is market forecasting (know the types and the logic)? Short answer: When a hotel or resort brand describes a particular target market, what do they mean? Describe how the hotel would use the target market selection process and its purpose. Be specific....
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