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#7. The Kinder Egg pricing strategy is one that evokes the mission of the chocolate maker in making the product; we have a special, unique chocolate. The chocolate eggs made by Kinder are ones they consider to be a unique aspect of the European marketing mix. The chocolate is significant in its popularity, and thus the company capitalizes by having a more expensive product. Kinder surprise eggs come in bags of 12. Because Kinder surprise eggs can not be legally sold in the US, one must have them shipped in order to receive them. Yes, this act would technically be illegal. But to get a feel for their prices, one can look at the prices in other markets geographically. In Europe, the price of 12 Kinder eggs is 10.90 euros. This comes out to be about $13 US. Nestle, a world famous chocolate manufacturer, makes a fifty ounce bag of Nestle Chcolate Easter Eggs. This bag contains many more, smaller chocolates, and is priced at $19.50. It is hard to compare Kinder eggs to other chocolate Easter eggs because it is a
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