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MARKETING LECTURE 10/1/08 RESEARCH METHODS R.B. Cialdini - Research should have connection with reality - What do you want to study? - Academic research - Get information back out to real world FULL CYCLE MODEL Research begins and ends in real world (EDEA) explain, describe, experiment, application - Explore - Observation - Describe – Survey - Truth vs. validity of information - Focus groups – labor intensive interviews - Explain/Experiment – cause and effect - Why? - Application Five Steps of Marketing Research Process 1. Locating and defining problems or issues 2. Designing the research project 3. Collecting data 4. Interpreting research findings 5. Reporting research findings Consumer market – purchasers and or household members who intend to consume or benefit from the purchased product and do not buy products to make profits. - Need for product - Ability to purchase - Willingness to purchase - Authority to purchase Targeting Strategies: Undifferentiated Target market – “A’s” – homogeneous
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