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Department Stores and the Making of American Consumer Culture, 1880s-1920 1. Intro 1. In 1880, Worworth hesitated to order 25 dollars of Christmas trees and ornaments to put in his store. 5 and dime stores are common back then. Every last ornament stoled. By the 1900s, ornaments alone had over 100s of thousands. He then stated that Christmas was the harvesting season. 2. 1860s – 1870s businesses were concentrated on industry. This is where money was concentrated. Women still baked their own bread 3. Processed foods in the 60s and 70s was a rarity and families only ate foods in season. 4. 1880s many people lived in towns with under 2500 people and were lit by oil burning lamps with no bathrooms. 5. Only Wealthy can afford many commodities. 6. Most things were homemade rather than buying. The only thing purchased was by men in the country for their farming. Women bought goods in cities at small retail shops. They were not organized in the way where they want to tempt people to come in. The country stores' goods were very predictable. 7. Only wealthy people purchased goods for fun 8. Haggling for price was common and returning and refunds were virtually unknown. 2. Rise of Consumer Industries 1. The development of industries meant that most people had disposable income. The men of the household were mostly in white collar jobs which designate them into the middle class. 2. Even working people, such as single working people had some disposable income. By 1920s, Top 5% of the people in wealth held 75% of the wealth. The 20% that we call middle class were getting more money. 3. More Americans started to buy things that their parents would've thought as luxuries. 4. A number of familiar products and brands in 1890. Nabisco, Lipton tea and other brands. 1.
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lol - Department Stores and the Making of American Consumer...

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