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MARKETING STUDY GUIDE: EXAM 2 a) Corporate Culture (Schein stuff from class) a) Corporate Culture – A set of values, beliefs, goals, norms, and rituals that members of an organization share. I. Think about an ethical decision making process. II. Organizational relationships to influence ethical decisions. III. Help shape employees’ satisfaction with employer, may affect quality of service. IV. May be shaped through codes of conduct, memos, manuals, dress codes, ceremonies, habits, extracurricular activities, anecdotes. V. Culture gives organization meaning and suggest rules for how to be behave and deal with problems. B) Target Markets – A specific group of customers on whom an organization focuses its marketing efforts. C) Market Research – The systematic design, collection, interpretation, and reporting of information to help marketers solve specific marketing problems to take advantage of marketing opportunities. - Informs organization about customers’ needs and desires, marketing opportunities for particular goods and services, and changing attitudes and purchase patterns of customers. - Five Steps of Marketing Research Process 1. Locating and defining problems or issues 2. Designing the research project 3. Collecting data 4. Interpreting research findings 5. Reporting research findings D) Customization vs. Globalization – How much of the product needs to be modified to be utilized internationally? Globalization – The development of marketing strategies that treat the entire world (or its major regions) as a single entity. Customization – Product needs to be changed Globalization – one size fits all Needs to be changed to One sized fits all 1. Housing 2. Restaurants 3. Health Care
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4. Entertainment 5. Saturn 6. Coke 7. Song 8. Bic pens 9. Levi Jeans E) General Issues in Moving Beyond Borders - Media allocation, retail outlets, price - Expensive environmental analysis and marketing research - Cultural differences may affect marketing negotiations, decision making behavior, and product adoption and use - A nation’s economic stability and trade barriers can affect marketing efforts - Significant trade barriers include import tariffs, quotas, embargoes, and exchange controls. - Political and legal forces - Trade alliances, specific markets encouraging opportunities, creating constraints in international marketing o Eg. Nafta, EU, Common Market of the southern Cone, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, WTO F) Levels of International Involvement International Marketing – Developing and performing marketing activities across national borders Domestic Marketing – ALL MARKEITNG STRATEGIES FOCUS ON MARKET IN COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Limited Exporting
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  • Fall '08
  • Marketing, Marketing Research Process, specific marketing problems, Research Market Research, International Involvement International Marketing – Developing, International Marketing – International

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