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Short_Paper_Assignment_triangle_Spring_ProblemSet - Short...

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Short Paper Assignment Cowie CB 100: Labor and Working-Class History Due: in class Monday Feb 18 OPTION ONE: Context: Frances Perkins wrote that the events at Triangle and the ensuing reforms were a “turning point” in opening up new attitudes about social responsibility and regulations for workers’ protection. Others have argued differently, that the events in Progressive Era New York merely served the interests of stability for business and as a check on more profound change. Historian Gabriel Kolko, for instance, goes so far as to reject the idea that this was the “Age of Reform,” calling it the “triumph of conservatism.” Question: Given your reading of the events at Triangle and in New York politics, do you see this fundamentally as the triumph of workers’ interests or business’ interests? That is, taken as a whole, do the events Von Drehle portrays add up to pragmatic protections for workers or the subversion of more profound threats to the state and industry?
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  • Spring '08
  • Industrial Workers of the World, American Federation of Labor, Samuel Gompers, Industrial unionism, Von Drehle

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Short_Paper_Assignment_triangle_Spring_ProblemSet - Short...

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