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Transactions : Harrah’s institutes Total Gold reward program from which they conduct transactions that allow them to collect data on their customers. Remembering the past : Harrah’s creates a database to store the data it collected with regards to Total Gold customers. This provides a history of customer activity and preferences that is stored in one place – and organizational memory. Handling the present : Harrah’s wants to create a loyalty program for their customers in order to learn more about them and increase the time and money customers spend in their casinos Data : Harrah’s mines their data from the vast amount of data in their warehouse in order to find out about how to market to their customers. New Business Systems : Harrah’s decides to institute Total Rewards system because it better suites customer needs – this is a 3 tiered
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Unformatted text preview: system of loyalty cards that when implemented into the business changes the way employees interact with customers, changes the way in which customers are rewarded for their gaming, and modifies the types of transactions that the technology is capturing. It is here that the ways in which the present is handled change. Preparing for the future : Through analysis of data that they mined, Harrahs realizes that they are marketing to the wrong group and actually 26% of their customers provide the most revenue. These customers do not look like what they thought the typical gamer to be, rather these were people who lived close by, visited regularly and would perhaps enjoy rewards other than hotels stays....
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Harrahs_IS_cycle_Notes - system of loyalty cards that when...

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