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Iraq was most important consideration: large majority supported withdrawal of troops or disapproval of war -nationally oriented rather than locally Exit polls showed that a large chunk of the electorate had voted for Democrats or for third parties specifically because of personal opposition to or dislike for Bush. -social security -Katrina -war Congressional approval dropped just before the election to near all-time lows: Republican controlled==>Reps suffer from the blame -Terri Schiavo -Scandals -jack abramoff
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Unformatted text preview: -duke cunningham-tom DeLay-William J Jefferson-Bob Ney-Mark Foley: Pages-Democrats were successful in portraying the congress as a lazy, greedy, egotistical, and inefficient "Do-Nothing Congress.". ..... and numerous public opinion polls showed that large majorities believed that the congress had accomplished less than normal. independents exhibited a large swing towards Democrats. In 2004, independents split 49-46, slightly in favor of Democrats, [4] but in 2006 they voted 57-39 for Democrats...
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