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AEM222 - case 6_Essay - Energizer Case Analysis Problem...

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Energizer Case Analysis 4/14/2006 Problem : Proctor and Gamble has recently conducted an acquisition of Gillette for 57 billion dollars. This act has taken Energizer’s primary competitor, Gillette, and placed it in the arms of an extremely powerful and profitable firm, Proctor and Gamble. In turn, the number one seller of razors and batteries now has more backing and security then ever before, and the number two Energizer may be in serious danger. Energizer is now in a situation where their stock price and future may be at risk. Components of the Issue at Hand : Since the acquisition took place recently, Proctor and Gamble is currently in an intermediate stage, where there is much paper work to be handled and many formalities and red tape to deal with. Such processes will take Proctor and Gamble months if not years to work out and settle. The period discussed above is also called a digestion period, since it is the time during which one company is consumed and transformed into another. This digestion period will give Energizer sufficient time to develop a course of action through which they will maintain their presence in the industry and secure their future in the business. During this time Energizer can take a variety
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AEM222 - case 6_Essay - Energizer Case Analysis Problem...

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