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AEM222 - case 2_Essay - Kristens Cookie Company Problem...

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Kristen’s Cookie Company 2/16/2006 Problem : Kristen’s Cookie Company has the potential to generate profit however it lacks a business plan necessary for success. Furthermore, the company idea currently has little to no room for growth. Possible Solutions : 1. A primary issue that this cookie company must deal with is the lack of a formal business plan. While the current idea takes into consideration time for baking and some basic costs, it doesn’t plan ahead nor does it provide any details regarding the intricacies of the company. So first, the objective of the company must be established. Is the objective at the get-go to generate short term profits, or to create a loyal client base for future success? 2. If the company’s primary goal is to make money as soon as possible the following are the steps that Kristen’s Cookie Company should take: a. First, the roommates should take quick steps to get their company’s name out on the campus. The cheapest way to do this would be to make fliers and hang them up around campus. This would cost around nine dollars taking supply costs into consideration. For the purpose of these recommendations, man hours are not given a value and so are not included in the calculations. b. Next, using the present cooking situation, i.e. one stove, one food processor, and the ability to cook one dozen cookies at once, the two roommates should begin business immediately. Presently, they can output one dozen cookies in 24 minutes, and a second dozen in 18 minutes. This would result in an average of around six dozen cookies every two hours. c.
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AEM222 - case 2_Essay - Kristens Cookie Company Problem...

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