AEM437 case - AEM437 Innovation Strategy Case 2 1 In order to assess the commercial opportunity available in a market many different factors need

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AEM437 Innovation Strategy – Case 2 1. In order to assess the commercial opportunity available in a market, many different factors need to be analyzed. First, demographic information needs to be looked at very closely. A densely populated area is always preferred. In addition, it is essential to find areas of educated, working people, who have regular internet access. The need for such a business operation also has to be determined. If the level of demand for a certain product is not high enough, the venture will inevitably prove to be unprofitable and a failure. Market research is a must when starting a business and determining where to establish it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost or gained, merely based on a chosen location and its potential for success. 2. Chase and her coworkers make certain assumptions in developing their startup and seeking funding. First of all, the assumption is made about the need for such a service. Chase believes that there is a defined and potentially lucrative niche present for a car
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