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AEM437 – Innovation Strategy: Kodak 1. Kodak started to develop technologies for digital imaging in the year 1983. The CEO at the time, Colby Chandler, made the decision to have a new division created. This division was a photographic and information management division, whose purpose was to explore new technologies and opportunities within the photo world, specifically with regard to digital imaging. 2. Initially, when entering the industry of digital imaging, Kodak was very stubborn, and insisted on taking its own route to get there. Up until this point in time, Kodak was very loyal to its employees, and preferred very much so, to promote and develop from within. The company was satisfied with its success in the past in the area of silver-halide and film. Furthermore, it firmly believed that the talent necessary to propel in into the digital age lay within the company’s current network of workers. Unfortunately, the skills required to succeed in the digital business were very different from those possessed by Kodak employees in the tradition film business. Kodak’s basic idea was to “anticipate customers’ needs, create the products they want, then
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