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SPEECH OUTLINE—ACTUATE SPEECH Beating Procrastination SUBJECT: 1. General subject: Procrastination 2. Specific subject: The benefits of not procrastinating PURPOSE: To convince my audience that procrastinating is bad and to motivate my listeners to take action against procrastination in their own lives. MAIN POINTS: I. Procrastination is widespread and is experienced by the majority of all college students. II. There are many negative effects of procrastination that impact people’s lives psychologically and physically. III. There are many things that you can do to change the habit of procrastinating and to be more proactive in life. This also has many benefits. The central idea of this speech is to inform my audience about procrastination and its mal effects. Furthermore, this speech is geared toward motivating my audience to stop procrastinating if they already do, and to avoid it in the future. INTRODUCTION There is something that all of us do or have done at some point. No matter how hard we try to avoid it or beat it, it usually gets the best of us. It seems like such simple thing to defeat, but we all seem to give in to it at some point. I am referring to procrastination, which looks something like this ( show visual of swamped worker ). I know it is something that I do, and that all of you have probably done as well. I am here today to show just how prevalent it is and how detrimental it can be, along with a means of stopping that vicious cycle and the benefits of doing so. BODY 1
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Take a few steps. I. Procrastination is widespread and is experienced by the majority of college students. a., which is an online dictionary available to all internet users and accessed on April 9 th , 2007, defines procrastination in a few ways. i. Procrastination is to defer action and to delay; to put off doing something out of habit, and to postpone needlessly. b. Now it seems like a completely unnecessary and avoidable thing in life, but procrastination always finds a way to creep up on you. i. I think that all of you will agree with Irene Tham and her paper entitled Procrastination in the Journal of Young Investigators in 1999, where she states that “procrastination is a behavior that most, if not all college students fall prey to.” c. Tham went on to describe the numerous and most popular reasons for students to procrastinate. i.
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comm201 - actuate speech outline_Solution - SPEECH...

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