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comm201 - alternative paper_Essay - Communications 201...

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Communications 201 – Alternative Paper At first, I thought that taking this class would be merely completing another one of the many requirements established by the department of Applied Economics and Management. I did not expect to get much out of it, especially since I never really looked forward to public speaking in high school. I am fortunate to say, however, that this class has been one of the most productive learning experiences of my college career to date. The course is set up so that we are constantly learning new speaking techniques, and specifically, ones that apply respectively, to each of the speeches that we are required to give during the course of one semester. On top of the weekly lectures, we are also required to attend two sections a week. It is during these that more hands on learning occurs. By listening to our peers give speeches and by seeing them grow, it is very easy to pick up on aspects of public speaking that I personally have to work on too. Now, speaking more specifically about the progression of my public speaking ability, I
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This essay was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course COMM 2010 taught by Professor Berggren,k. during the Spring '07 term at Cornell.

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comm201 - alternative paper_Essay - Communications 201...

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