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comm201 - convice speech outline_Solutions

comm201 - convice speech outline_Solutions - SPEECH...

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SPEECH OUTLINE—CONVINCE SPEECH File Sharing and the Music Industry SUBJECT: 1. General subject: Music File Sharing 2. Specific subject: The effect of music file sharing on album sales, specifically in the United States PURPOSE: To convince my audience that music file sharing is in fact not negatively impacting the music industry and its sale of records as a whole. MAIN POINTS: I. File sharing began not too long ago and involves hundreds of thousands of users sharing data over the rapidly growing World Wide Web. II. The widespread use of file sharing networks has continued to grow. However, this has not had any significant negative effects on album sales in the United States. III. Through the matching effect and other factors, file sharing saves music firms enormous amounts of money, reducing expenses related to promotion and advertising and can even increase sales. The central idea of this speech is to convince my audience that file sharing in not a bad thing for the music industry and that in some ways, it even facilitates record sales. INTRODUCTION Napster. Kazaa. Limewire. Ares. (Put up transparency of symbols) I know that when I hear these words, I think of the music industry, the sharing of files, and, well… lawsuits. But, as a regular user of such programs and an avid music fan, I have conducted in depth research, wanting to truly find out if musicians throughout the country are in fact suffering from the explosion of the internet and P2P networks. Throughout this presentation, I will share information with you regarding such programs as well as the results of numerous studies conducted in this field. And at the conclusion of my speech I hope to have you convinced, as I have been, that the music industry is really not being negatively impacted by the wide-spread use of file sharing. BODY 1
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Take a few steps. I. File sharing began not too long ago and involves hundreds of thousands of users sharing data over the rapidly growing world wide web. a. According to Connected-Earth, which is a website completely dedicated to sharing how communications shape the world that is updated regularly and contributed to by many experts, the invention of the internet began in the late 1960’s.
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