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phys203 - homework 3_Solutions

phys203 - homework 3_Solutions - Homework 3 1 As a part of...

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Homework 3 1. As a part of Aristotle’s theory of elements, he believed that each element could be transformed into another element through the similar qualities that they possess. He also believed that everything is made of matter, and that this matter is something that one can’t see with the naked eye. These are lasting features of Aristotle’s theory of elements. 2. The periodic table is called periodic because there were many periodicities found among the known elements. Mendeleyev placed all of the elements on cards. Through shuffling the cards and looking for patterns he not only noticed that many of the elements shared chemical properties, but that the properties would repeat. For instance, in the beginning, every eight cards led him to the noble gases, which shared stability and many chemical properties. Therefore, the table was organized based on these similarities and periodicities. 3. Archimedes’ attention to minor details allowed him to greatly contribute to the advancement of science. While bathing one night he noticed that the level of the water changed when he sank
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