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Homework 4 1. Aristotelian professors were unimpressed with Galileo’s experiments because they chose to ignore the force of evidence. They had a set mentality regarding this area of physics because it had been engrained in them for a long time. The professors who supported Aristotle grew angry with Galileo because he stole their students and while simultaneously upsetting staid beliefs, aroused the animosity of influential scholars whose beliefs were made fun of by Galileo. 2. The degree of an incline has a large effect on the speed of a person skiing. The steeper this incline is, the faster a person will be able to go. Also, the friction on the surface of the incline causes a person to slow down or go faster. If the surface is very smooth and icy, there is little friction between the skis and ground, and so higher speeds are reached faster; it is also harder to stop. Air resistance is something that is also always present on the slopes. A person coming down the hill will usually be hit with wind, but the direction that a person is hit on affects a lot. If the wind is hitting your back, you will travel faster, if it hits your front, higher speeds may be harder to reach, but slowing will be easier. 3.
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phys203 - homework 4_Solutions - Homework 4 1 Aristotelian...

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