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2/20/2006 Philosophy 101 - Exercise 2 The theist’s overall response to the atheists’ argument, that the existence of evil disproves the existence of G-d, is helped by the fact that their story about G-d and evil coincide, stating that both can exist simultaneously. This is supportive because while it doesn’t disagree with the fact that there is evil, it is saying that the existence of evil doesn’t guarantee that G-d does not exist. The story gives an explanation for how both G-d and evil can exist in the same world. It is the view of the theist that first, G-d exists. Furthermore, it is believed that G-d is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. This entails that G-d created the best world possible and that this world is the one in which we live presently. Consequently the question that arises is if G-d is all good, then why does this world contain evil? The theist’s retort to this is that since G-d is all good, he created a world in which all human beings have free will. Now although the
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