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Midterm 2 Math 20C Lin 1997 Place all books and papers under your desk. You may use a 3 × 5 card of notes which you should turn in with your blue book. Write your name and section on your blue book. On the front of your book in a column number one to five. Box your answers and show all your work. Good Luck! 1. 20 pts. Set up the integral of f ( x, y )= xy over the following 4 regions. You may use Cartesian or polar coordinates. Do NOT compute the integral. 2. (a) 10 pts. Compute R 2 0 R 2 x x 2 (4 x +2) dydx . (b) 10 pts. Sketch the region of integration and reverse the order of integration. 3. 20 pts. Compute RRR
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