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Human Resources December 5 th , 2007 SYSCO CASE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Explain the pyramid model that shows the linkage between business and HR strategy The linkage between business and HR strategy are based around the idea of the pyramid model. The pyramid model suggests and emphasizes the importance of human resources in the planning and structuring of a business. HR should be the central component in the planning and formation in the business strategy. The model suggests that planning needs to go top down, while execution should be bottom up. A successful business needs to consistently ask themselves the following questions according to the pyramid model: Who is our competition and how do we compete? What in particular our company does well? How to engage customers both internally and externally? What will promote high performance? What role do HR metrics play in linking business and HR strategies? The HR metrics is as follows: -Customer -Operations -Human capital -Financial These metrics play a huge role lining business and HR strategies. It is important to learn and understand what motivates the people within your organization. What drives the individual, the team and the overall functions of your organization. HR metrics are used to understand all of the different components in running a business and monitors the over all performance. Measuring efficiency and performance benefits the overall functionally of an organization and can also be used assigning benefits and compensation. How does differentiation help SYSCO win in the market place? The video consistently emphasized the idea that a business and its customers must work together to achieve the best possible results. SYSCO focuses on working with its customers to help them succeed. SYSCO prides themselves of the relationships they build with their customers and will do what ever it can to accommodate to customers needs. If consumers benefit, so does SYSCO. Why is strategy dynamic important? 1
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To have a dynamic strategy is very important for a company to be successful. The video states that strategy in a company needs to go backwards and forwards. Everyone within a company needs to know what exactly their role is and also how what they are doing is affecting the overall goal of the company. Why is it important to communicate the business strategy and its implications
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HR SYSCO CASE_Notes - Human Resources December 5th, 2007...

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