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Human Resources November 29, 2007 Realigning HR Practices at Egan’s Clothiers Case 6 1. One recommendation that I would give the executive team of Egan’s about their HR practices would be that they are not internally aligned. The objectives and behavior are all mixed up because after spending all this money on resources and training practices, they decide to only focus on returns and total number of sales. One method of change would be to alter the way the employee evaluations are organized. Egan’s HR department has spent a lot of money integrating HRIS as a way to assess employee’s performance, but this system should not be the sole factor determining how well an employee performs. This system standardizes employee records and is a very useful asset to the company, but it should not be one of the only factors deciding company promotions and salary increases. This method of standardized distribution is a poor way determining promotions and raising for a company because it increases an unhealthy and competitive work environment. Employees are motivated to achieve numerical results while disregarding professionalism and high quality of service. The emphasis of the HRIS needs to changes because it is not the best way determining promotions and salary increases and it does not give enough useful information in the
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Individual case #2 case six_Essay - Human Resources...

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