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November 20 west civ - November 20, 2007 Western...

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November 20, 2007 Western Civilization WW2 I. WW2 sum up a. 1939-1945 b. Italy, Germany, Japan – Axis c. The Allies d. Grew out of unresolved conflicts from WW1 e. All the armies were still on the field – no invasion of Germany i. The peace was just a truce – acknowledgement of stalemate ii. Historians see WW2 as the second phase of the WW1 1. Really just one long war 2. First half of 20 th century II. Difference in WW1 and WW2 a. Everyone knows why WW2 happened b. WW1 no one really know. No definite answer c. WW1 brought on a combination of conflict d. WW2 caused by German aggression i. Hilters war e. No mass enthusiasm for WW2 unlike WW1 i. No one wanted war ii. People were exhausted iii. The economy was in shambles iv. A lot of reluctance to enter the conflict f. People had good reason to be reluctant i. Even more catastrophic than WW1 ii. A much longer scale iii. All over the world plus more. War in pacific islands 1. War on greater scale iv. Death toll was much bigger than WW1 1. Almost twice as many from WW1 2. Much more civilian deaths than WW1 3. WW1 was more of a trench war. Soldiers slaughtering each other a. Civilian populations were not pulled into war 4. WW2 civilians were the main targets g. WW2 most devastating toll on the human race III. Build up of WW2 a. Locarno pact i. Series of treaties – 1925 1. Germany, Italy signed pact 2. We will never result to war again 3. “good” tension b. Kellogg Brione pact i. Signed by 23 nations
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ii. Repeats the Locarno pact c. League of Nations i. International forums were countries come together to resolve disputes peacefully d. All these things become empty gestures e. Ends with the rise of fascism i. Pacts meant nothing f. League of nations ineffective at the beginning – esp. because US didn’t join it. i. Fatally crippled ii. No recourse to military power iii. So why should it be taken seriously? 1.
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November 20 west civ - November 20, 2007 Western...

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