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Emerging Markets 11/15/2008 Arcor: Global Strategy and Local Turbulence Arcor’s situation is uniquely different than many companies we have discussed throughout the semester in that they have managed to remain a dominant competitive global player within their industry despite multiple drastically negative economic setbacks throughout their domestic market. Located in Argentina, Arcor’s first major obstacle came right when they were looking to expand and become a major player among the top industry leaders such as Hershey, Nestle, and Mars. Argentina experienced a period of economic decay, hyperinflation, and political assassinations. Much of the country’s foreign investments were lost and debts were left unpaid; however, by 1990 Argentina was looked upon as having a positive model for policy making and was back on the right track. The second setback was just around the corner though. In 1999 Argentina experienced the ripple effects of Brazil’s financial crisis which Argentina had
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