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Cisco_Essay - short when it comes to technology and...

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Emerging Markets Professor Christy 10/05/08 Re-Routing Business Development: How the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is Uploading SMEs to the Global Market (Response) Cisco’s Entrepreneur Institute is an interesting approach on establishing the development of business in emerging markets. The organization of which the institute is assembled would make many believe they were in the business of uplifting poverty or doing simple acts of kindness; however, the institute focuses on neither of the two. The Institute is a direct approach to addressing one of the major problems associated with emerging markets, the lack of technology and appropriate training. It was established under that to have a successful overall economy you must have both successful medium and small businesses. Many times these types of investments in emerging markets come for established entrepreneurs, but they tend to fall
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Unformatted text preview: short when it comes to technology and education. This is where Cisco comes in. Their focus is to promote entrepreneurship so that there will be more jobs and thus a more sustainable economy in these markets. They are able to bring the efforts of many countries together through the employment of their advanced networking and ITC solutions. This approach to emerging markets is both unique yet simple. There are common principles here associated with the success of any business or economy. The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is simply taking those principles and expanding them across a broader network of entrepreneurs throughout various countries. With their advanced systems they should be able to influence many of these companies in ways that weren’t formally possible. This approach to Emerging markets will be a major stepping stone to truly establishing a Global Market Place....
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