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10/14/08 The Case of Freshco Kenya Ltd. (response) Freshco Kenya ltd appears to operate in one of Kenya’s most ideal industries, with nearly three fourths of their workforce and roughly thirty percent of total GDP generated from agriculture. More specifically, they are sellers of the maize seed which accounts for three percent GDP alone. As one of the smaller producers/sellers of seed in the Kenyan market, however, Freshco is beginning to approach a number of problems. Ninety percent of the seed market is dominated by KSC, owned and run predominantly by the government. This, in turn, means competition for the remaining ten percent is highly intense. Moreover, new hybrid seeds are being developed with the help of modern-day technology which have the ability to increase crop yields. Hybrids are also more expensive and don’t produce crops with seeds of the same characteristics as the hybrid which was planted, meaning cost will remain high. Lastly, growth is physically being restricted in Kenya’s seed industry due to a lack of fertile soil and the
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