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Novartis Case Study_Essay - I believe the former. By...

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10/14/2008 Novartis Agricultural Case Study: The CEO in this case is confronted with the problem of addressing where Novartis should be positioned relative to its competitors in hopes of achieving future growth. Novartis’ major competitors appear to be occupying the biotechnology market. DuPont and Monsanto have been able to establish leadership in this market through sound employee initiatives and a number of pursuits in inorganic growth. Novartis has the decision to either outsource of develop and produce new technologies themselves. The big issue on the table as well, is the possibility of Novartis being shut out of the space involving corn and corn genetics if Monsanto is to acquire DeKalb as they so plan. Participating in a struggle over this space would either make issues even more difficult for Novartis, or place them exactly where they need to be competitively.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe the former. By submitting a counter offer for DeKalb, Novartis will position itself as a dominant player and if the offer is accepted, will have positioned itself in line with its purpose of life-sciences. Not to mention, Novartis will also have the advantage in corn genetics which in today’s world is showing to be very profitable indeed. Moreover, further innovation in corn genetics would be applicable in one for or another across Novartis’ other business operations. The only downfall of this option would be the unexpected cost that come with such an offer; however, due to the ability for this endeavor to effect all business operations, monies can be sourced from other departments as well other than simply agriculture. All in all Novartis will prevail if they employ this strategy....
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Novartis Case Study_Essay - I believe the former. By...

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