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Emerging Markets 11/15/2008 SINGAPORE AIRLINES: GLOBAL CHALLENGES (Analysis) Problem: Singapore Airlines (SIA) has established itself within the global airline industry as one of the top airlines in terms of management, operations, and customer service among other factors of importance (Exhibit 2: Awards); however, with an ever changing economic environment and continued technological innovations the airline must find ways to continually adapt to remain profitable. Some of the major challenges facing SIA pertain to managing certain subsidiaries and alliances, making beneficial product decisions, keeping up with globalization, the ability to maintain steady growth amidst regulation, and the ability to continually manage discontinuous changes in the industry (Ex. September 11, 01). The management of their various alliances along with some 25 subsidiaries (Exhibit 9) is gradually being addressed through a newly established division, Alliances and Partnerships. Extensive market research is also being utilized to make the appropriate investments in new products. As for discontinuous change within the industry, that will always be a characteristic of such a dynamic industry. With a continued emphasis on hiring the best and brightest SIA is sure to continually overcome those challenges. Currently, however, SIA must be able to keep up with the continued evolution from the more simplistic national industry to a much broader globalized industry, which will be key to maintaining steady growth and profitability down the road. Situation Analysis: Strengths and Opportunities- Some of SIA’s major strengths lie not only in their brand recognition embodied through the “Singapore Girl”, but also in their dedication to exemplary management and staff, their investments in more advanced planes and computer systems (internet), as well as the scope of their operations. SIA standard of in-flight-service is admired worldwide. The Singapore girl is recognized around the world as
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a symbol of service excellence. Dr. Cheong, Deputy Chairman and CEO, credited much of this positive global recognition with the airlines focus on consistency. Dr. Cheong states that “through consistency we (SIA) evolve a culture, and we (SIA) reinforce that culture of customer awareness and care for the customer. We are consistent even in the matter of change…” Dr. Cheong is also very dedicated to finding the best employees, stating “if we want to be the best in the world, then we have to have the best people in the world working for us.” They set high academic standards for their employees and recognize the importance of global recruitment. Training for top managers can take anywhere between 5 to 8 years. Moreover, SIA has made substantial investments toward fleet expansion and the consolidation and
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Singapore Airlines_Essay - Emerging Markets 11/15/2008...

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