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03/30/08 BEE 299 Lesson 9, Part 2 If I had the opportunity to develop one of these projects I would develop a park and ride. Growing up I often utilized the park and ride and I think it is a very great solution to multiple problems. First, it lessens traffic because there aren’t as many cars or bikes on the road. Second, because there aren’t as many cars, it helps to lesson the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Lastly, for a long trip it is nice to not have to drive and commuters can even save money with gas prices as high as they are now. My park and ride would have to be in an area that has a clear need for a park and ride and has a lot of commuters. I would utilize as many green alternatives in both my construction and operation of the park and ride. I would provide places for people to lock up their bikes if people didn’t want to drive to the park and ride. The location I was thinking for my park and ride is at the end of the subway in Queens, NY because I lived there this summer and
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Lesson_9__Assignment_2_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE 299...

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