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BEE 299 Lesson 9 Assignment 1: Part 2 Project - Location and design of a pig farm Purpose: The purpose of the project is to find a location and design which is most suitable and compatible with pigs. This means an area that has rich soil that could grow health plants for the pigs to eat. Also, I would have to find a design for that farm to maximize the space while be cost-efficient. If economy continues to grow at the rate it is growing, the location and design may not be suitable for the pig farm in the near future. Economy may require for farm owners to by more expensive materials to maintain their farm, which in some way can be inefficient for the design of the farm. I would like to ask: How will the growing rate of the economy affect my project? Will it require me to change my original project set-up or design? The growing rate of economy may result in the depletion of some of the Earth’s
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Unformatted text preview: resources which may lead to more pollution and other devastating effects according to the pessimistic view. These devastating effects will have a negative effect on the environment which can definitely impact a pig farm. To evaluate and price the impact, I will look up how much money I used up each year on my farm (expenses, maintenance, etc) and subtract that from other years. This will show how much more money I spent to maintain the same pig farm I had for years which may estimate the impact the economy is having on the farm. My approach in maintaining the farm such as fertilizing and plowing can be changed into the one which is the most environmentally safe. As explored in a previous assignment, I could practice no-till farming so less carbon dioxide is emitted in the atmosphere....
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