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BEE 299 Lesson 4 Assignment 1 02/17/08 Task 1 There are many attributes of the lake that are multi-faceted. As part of the lake’s ecosystem is what comprises the lake. One part of this eco system is the water, that makes up the lake and also provides us with drinking water. Also in the case of the LSC the lake provides us with air conditioning. The ecosystem currently in the lake is one that is healthy. It is full of fish and other organic material. The lake is definitely full of animal life but it is also beneficial for the human population. It provides a great place to swim and fish and do other fun activities such as boating. Cayuga Lake also helps out the local economy and quality of life by providing jobs. Task 2 There are many benefits to the Lake Source Cooling Project and a few drawbacks. The benefits have facts that go along with them including numbers and energy savings. The LSCP has a quick and drastic effect on the university’s electrical usage. The LSCP is greatly more efficient than the previous cooling system. The LSCP reduces electricity usage by 80% and saves 20 million kWh/year of electricity. I looked up the 2007 price per kWh in NY and it was $.1689. If you take that number and multiply it by the 20 million kWh that it saves the campus roughly $3,378,000 a year! That means that the project will pay for itself in roughly 18 years and the
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