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Assignment_8_Problem_Set_Solution - Lesson 8 Parts 1-3 BEE...

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Lesson 8 Parts 1-3 BEE 299 03/16/08 Part 1) The global climate will ultimately affect on everyone in the world from the bottom all the way to the leaders of countries. Here are the stakeholders involved in the governance regarding the global climate: Actors/Influencers/Affected Citizens of the world – Everyone has a stake in the global climate. Global warming has the potential to affect us all. Citizens that live in coastal areas could be affected by flooding as the glaciers melt. All citizens will be affected by the changing in laws regarding carbon emissions and other green alternatives. Farmers – The change in climate will have an effect on the crops that the farmers grow and the growing season may change as well. Also, the laws regarding how they farm may change as a result of new scientific findings. Car manufacturers – As the laws regarding carbon emissions change the car makers in the world will have to drastically alter the way they make cars and the “greenness” of the cars. The car companies try to lobby against fuel efficiency laws because they feel that it will decrease their profits. Alternative energy producers – These companies will find their profits increasing as they are used more and more as alternative to burning coal for power. Examples are windmills, solar power companies, and hydropower companies. They lobby for fuel efficiency and green alternative energy so that they can further increase profits and be a more green way to power countries. Congress – They help to make the laws governing greenhouse gas emissions. They are very important in the fight against global warming because they have the power to change laws to make them “greener.” They can increase the restrictions on car companies and power plants to make them more efficient and better for the environment. The leaders of the world – They have the power to influence their countries and legislature to change laws. What they decide about the current state of global warming will greatly affect how their country attacks the issue of global warming.
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