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Assignment_10_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE 299 Part 1 1 Food...

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BEE 299 04/06/08 Part 1: 1. Food consumption Fruits, vegetables, and grains: banana, apple, corn, and bread (22 ounces) I found these numbers by looking up online how much each item weighed and then added the numbers up. It wasn’t too bad to do. The key was remembering to write down what I ate for 2 days. Dairy and Meat: burger, milk, chicken (100 ounces) Junk food: none 2. Water used hot: 15.5 liters (shower) cold: 20 liters (beverages, toilet flushing, and brushing my teeth and washing my hands) Calculating how much water I was using was more difficult. The easy part was that I could add up the ounces in the water I was drinking and convert them to liters. I looked on the toilet to see how much water is used when I flush. My toilet was 3.8 liters. I had to guess the number for the water usage in the shower because it would be hard to measure. 3. Single use items: napkins (3 ounces) I ate at the dining halls for my meals so I didn’t use paper cups or plates so the only real thing that I threw away that was single use was napkins during my meals.
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