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BEE 299 Lesson 9 Assignment 1: Part 1 I think that there are valid points made on both the “pessimist” and the “optimist” economic points of view. On the pessimist side, the argument is that “the higher the rate of growth in resource consumption, the faster a fixed stock of it will be exhausted.” That theory makes sense since we are somewhat seeing it come into fruition even now, with the negative effects of global warming and increase in land and air pollution. On the optimist’s side, a major statement that they often stand by is that , “200 years ago, almost everywhere, human beings were comparatively few, poor and at the mercy of the forces of nature, and 200 years from now, we expect, almost everywhere they will be numerous, rich and in control of the forces of nature.” There are aspects of this that are true as well. Humans as a race are much less dependent now than they used to be on nature. We have
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Unformatted text preview: come a long way with techonological advancements like computers and automobiles that help us carry out daily processes more efficiently with less dependence on nature. However, pessimists can argue that such “technological advancements” like cars and electronics are what is causing a lot of our sustainability problems today. After doing the readings for this assignment, I am going to side more with the “optimist” view because I strongly believe in the Kuznet's Kurve. I believe in the fact that as globalization continues and countries around the world become more and more developed, the world as a whole will become more environmentally conscious and aware of the consequences of our actions before it is too late. I believe we, as a planet, are on the path to saving ourself from any impending disaster down the line....
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BEE299Assignment0_Problem_Set_Solution - come a long way...

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