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THIS EXAM CONSISTS OF 6 PAGES. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE LOOKED AT THE COMPLETE FILE. BEE 299 – Sustainable Development – A Web-based Course FINAL EXAM May 13, 2008 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM NAME : This exam is open book, open notes. The only limitation is that you NOT work with another individual. You cannot cut and paste answers from Internet sources (all answers must be in your own words!) You should submit your completed exam answers via an attachment to the BEE 299 course digital dropbox. You should confirm that your exam has been entered in the dropbox. If for some reason you have a problem dropping your exam in the dropbox please send as an attachment to me at my regular email: [email protected] . You MUST submit your exam by 11:30 AM (EDT ), May 13, 2008. We will deal with catastrophes if they occur!!! You should call me at 607-351-3147 in the event a serious problem occurs. Section 1___/ 25… Approx. 25 minutes Section 2___/ 40… Approx. 65 minutes Section 3___/ 35… Approx. 60 minutes TOTAL_____/100 Section 1: Put an “X” in front of the line corresponding to the best answer (25 points, 2.5 points each) 1. Ecological economics tries to __x_ Put national economies into the wider context of natural ecosystems. ___ Make ecological issues most important ___ Put Resources in context of their region ___ Change waste into recycling efforts 2. One of the renewable energy sources is biomass producing corn to ethanol. There is a lot of concern at present about the competition between the uses of corn for ethanol in terms of biofuels versus food. Which of the following reasons are also contributing to increasing food costs? ___ Rising fuel costs leading to increased cost of growing food 1
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___ Increasing costs for transporting food ___ Increased economic growth abroad leading to increased diets with meat and dairy _x__ All of the above ___ None of the above, it is due to ethanol production 3. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), representing the world’s leading climate scientists concluded in its recent reports that it is unequivocal that the Earth’s climate is warming due to: ___ methane hydrates releasing methane from the ocean’s hydrate sources ___ increased methane emissions from rice paddies __x_ “very likely” (90% certainty) due to heat trapping emissions from burning fossil fuels and other human activities ___ increased methane emissions from ruminant livestock 4. Other terms that refer to Life Cycle Analysis include ___ Cradle to grave ___ Material Flow Analysis ___ Content Expenditure 5. Attributes of an ecosystem include all of the following EXCEPT ___ Structure _x__ Process ___ Function ___ Complexity ___ Temporal change 6 . Which is INCORRECT? ___ Due to the potential for soil to act as a carbon sink, agriculture can help reduce
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