November 1 west civ

November 1 west civ - November 1, 2007 - Rite of spring...

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November 1, 2007 - Rite of spring (1913) by Igor Stravinsky – type of new form of art and style I. The “fin de siecles” – what is it? a. Designates the period 1880-1914 b. The term implies that a trend has been exhausted a turning point has been reached c. Passing of a certain world view d. The mental universe of the well off bourgeoisie begins to break down i. Bourgeoisie had championed Enlightenment faith in reason and progress ii. Bourgeoisie had developed it own strict moral code 1. Men worked - breadwinner 2. Women confined to the home (angel of the house) a. Will break down this era 3. Family is the center of the bourgeois life a. Very unsettling for many people b. Fin de siecles was a time of uncertainty 4. Sex is taboo II. Shocks to the bourgeois worldview (first form of shock before ww1) a. Cultural and intellectural developments i. Modernism in art 1. Stravinsky belonged in this movement. a. The Rite of Spring i. Pagan and eastern theme ii. As a challenge to Western thought. 2. Artists often incorporate elements of primitivism in their works, as a critique of progress and a sterile, rationally- ordered world 3. Found modernism direct attack to rationality a. Progress, rationality, family 4. Artists shocked by the idea of bourgeious- their close mindedness 5. Pablo Picasso a. Incorporated primitive themes in his art i. From Africa – tribe masks and art 6. Way of critiquing progress 7. Represents feelings and fear not rationality 8. Abstracted expressionism a. Wassily Kandinsky ii. Nietzsche’s philosophy 1. Questions the authority of empirical sciences by saying the truth varies depending on the perspective of the observer a. No such thing as an absolute truth
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b. Perspectivism
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November 1 west civ - November 1, 2007 - Rite of spring...

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