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After completing the problem identification portion in parts one and two of this assignment, one overarching problem we face on a community, regional, national, and world level are those problems pertaining to one’s cultures and religions. During my analysis of these four levels of problems, I identified them in the order in which they were presented; community, region, nation, and world. However, I want to discuss these problems in relation to culture and religion in the reverse order, going from a broader to a narrower view of the discussion. When we think of culture and religion on a national or world level, you could almost say the world has its own stereotypes based upon geographical location. The United States is many times associated with Christianity, the Middle East with Islamic practices, Africa with numerous regional religions, and parts of Asia with Buddhism and the like. When looking at religions on such a broad level, there doesn’t appear to be much of a problem. Everyone seems to get along and are able to share in the values and beliefs of
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