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BEE LESSON 3, ASSIGNMENT 1 In this representation there exists some Current State (in this case, the current location) which is assumed to be less than some Desired State (in this case, the desired location). The influence arrows indicate that the Current State and Desired State interact to produce a Gap . This Gap then influences Action intended to move the Current State toward the Desired State . In this case, the gap between the current location and the desired location is realized by the eye, which communicates this information to the brain, and the brain subsequently sends signals through the nervous system to the hands and feet to take action and move to reconcile this gap. As Action moves the Current State closer to the Desired State the Gap decreases. A decrease
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Unformatted text preview: in the Gap adds less influence resulting in less Action . When the Current State reaches the Desired State the Gap is reduced to zero and there is no longer an influence causing Action . In this case, once I get to my desired location, I will stop performing the action of moving my hands and feet. However, it is also important to note that there may be interaction delays or outside distractions. I may have a lack of energy from sleep, and my nervous system might be consequently running a little slower than usual, and it would take me longer to close the gap. Also, there could be a snowstorm, which would make me walk slower and take longer to close the gap. I could get robbed on the way, which would also slow down my travel....
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