lesson 6_Problem_Set_Solution

lesson 6_Problem_Set_Solution - Management and conservation...

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Unformatted text preview: Management and conservation of biological diversity requires the identification of specific objectives for the various different measures and spatial scales of diversity, and specific desired patterns of change in these measures. Armed with these biodiversity objectives, a farmer, forester or land manager can devise policies and practices that can help to achieve them. I agree with the position that notes the benefits of genetically modified foods—namely the position outlined in the speech given by Gordon Conway in 1999. However, before I begin an analysis of why I have chosen this side I would like to point out that the controversy surrounding genetically modified foods (GM foods) is a very complex issue that involves multiple systems and realms of consideration. The interactions between these systems have multiple feedbacks and consequences on a wide variety of spheres including economics, agricultural, environmental, society, health, foreign policy, etc… I feel that the GM food debate is a beautiful example of the intricate nature of scientific advancement, not just on the technological, but also on a much larger broad-scale and global level. The issue of genetically modified foods is an extremely complex and multilateral issue. There is no question about this. It's so complex that we were able to see two different people, Gordon Conway and Donella Meadows, make very strong and effective cases arguing different sides. However, after spending time researching the issue and reading through both of Gordon and Meadow's...
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lesson 6_Problem_Set_Solution - Management and conservation...

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