Lesson 7, Assignment 1_Problem_Set_Solution

Lesson 7, Assignment 1_Problem_Set_Solution - A) MY NEEDS...

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A) MY NEEDS Need How I fulfill this need Food I have a Cornell meal plan, I use citybucks to purchase food from Ithaca restaurants, I shop at Wegmans, Keep currency in my wallet to make purchases on-the-go, and store food in my room for when the need for food (hunger) kicks in. I am always ready to fulfill this need. Shelter I pay for a dormitory room on West Campus. Clothing I purchase clothes at home in New York City at stores like H&M, Ralph Lauren and Express and bring then with me to Cornell. Or I purchase clothes at the Pyramid Mall or Syracuse mall at such stores as GAP or American Eagle Outfitters. To protect my feet, I purchase socks at Modell's or Dick's Sporting goods and purchase shoes through online distributors. I store these clothes in my dormitory room for easy access. Sleep I have a bed in my dormitory room on which I can sleep. I also make sure my room and my surroundings are quiet when it is time for me to get my required sleep. I make sure I take care of any obligations as soon as I can so I can get sleep. Water My body needs to remain hydrated to survive, and I fulfill this by purchasing bottle drinks (water, juice) from Wal-Mart or Noyes Community Center or by using the vending machines and/or water fountains located around Cornell's campus when the need for water (thirst) hits me unexpectedly. Means of
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Lesson 7, Assignment 1_Problem_Set_Solution - A) MY NEEDS...

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