Lesson 8 (Parts 1-3)_Problem_Set_Solution

Lesson 8 (Parts 1-3)_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE Midterm...

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1. Stakeholders and Systems Involved in the Governance and Decision Making Process Regarding Global Climate A. Actors -governments and government leaders -regulators and policymakers -United Nations -corporations -farmers These people and groups are stakeholders because they make decisions about global warming and how to act on it. One major thing these stakeholders have been able to implement to slow down global warming is the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the international United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with the objective of reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change. As of November 2007, 175 parties have ratified the protocol. Also, companies, by using the right or wrong means of production, and farmers, by using or not using no-till farming, can increase or decrease the impact of global warming. Their decisions on how to act can impact all of us. B. Influencers -environmentalists -scientists -governments -corporations -communities These people or groups or people are influencers because they are in a position to make the general population aware of the existence, current effects, and potential impact of global warming on the earth and its inhabitants. Notice I included communities, because, as inhabitants of this planet, everyone has a responsibility to make the next man/woman aware of global warming and its effects. Also, corporations can make people aware of the effects of global warming by including it in their corporate structure, from marketing “green” products to using environmental friendly means of production. C. Those Affected -communities -governments -environmentalists -scientists -regulators and policymakers Everyone on this planet is affected directly by global warming. The predicted effects of global warming on the environment and for human life are numerous and varied. It is generally difficult to attribute specific natural phenomena to long-term causes, but some
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effects of recent climate change may already be occurring. Rising sea levels, glacier
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Lesson 8 (Parts 1-3)_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE Midterm...

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