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Lesson 8 Assignment Last_Problem_Set_Solution

Lesson 8 Assignment Last_Problem_Set_Solution - effect of...

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I support the concept of global warming. There is no debate that the climate changes in the last couple of years have been awkward. One day it will be 30 o and the next day it will be 70 o . Also, the rate in which the glaciers have been melting are much faster than scientist have anticipated. I believe this is all due to global warming. I also believe that the greenhouse effect is a big cause of this global warming issue. The greenhouse effect is the process in which the emission of gas or radiation by an atmosphere warms a planet’s surface. Scientists have shown that the emissions of such gases (greenhouse gases) contribute to the effect of global warming. Some people believe that humans don’t effect global warming and we can’t be sure about the
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Unformatted text preview: effect of global warming since there is no sound scientific consensus on the issue. But it has already been proven that emissions of gases into the atmosphere contribute to global warming; so humans that pollute, drive gasoline powered cars do contribute to global warming. This is why many farmers are changing their farming methods to no-till farming. They realized that tilling the ground released CO2, which is a greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming. Global warming is a real issue and it is up to us to fix it for it can truly cause the demise of all mankind....
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