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Lesson 11 Assignment_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE 299 Lesson...

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April 15, 2007 BEE 299 Lesson 11, Assignment #1 I determined each community’s strengths and weaknesses based on the project’s practicality, overall effectiveness, financial implications, and the impacts of the environment and surrounding population. I felt these criteria were the most important for assessing the quality of the projects since these are the issues that would most likely come up when deciding the implementation of these projects in the communities. Seattle, WA The non-profit group in Seattle called Sustainable Seattle was founded in 1991 and since has been committed to maintaining and improving sustainable communities in the Seattle area. Their three mission components are Awareness, Assessment, and Action. Awareness focuses on increasing the public’s awareness about sustainable living and the issues that come along with it. Assessment covers their efforts to monitor the surrounding communities’ progress toward sustainable lifestyles and mentalities. Finally, Action pertains to their direct involvement in increasing sustainable development within Seattle. Sustainable Seattle implements four programs to actualize their mission statement. These are Region Indicators, Neighborhood Indicators, Sustainability Awards, and Sustainability Education. The region/neighborhood indicators programs aim to encourage community identity and sustainability efforts within individual communities. The Sustainability Awards encourages people, businesses, and all types of organizations to contribute to sustainable development and awards those that do for their efforts. Finally, the Education program serves to teach the youth (and also adults) about sustainability through various school programs and projects. In the past, they have awarded mini-grants to students who undertook sustainability projects in their schools. Strengths - Strong mission statement and 3 A’s principles which set a strong foundation for focused initiatives - The division of their four programs does a good job of focusing their energy in the correct spaces -Their Sustainability Award program shows business and companies that there are
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Lesson 11 Assignment_Problem_Set_Solution - BEE 299 Lesson...

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