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BEE 299 Lesson 13, Assignment 2 1) When explaining the concept of the life cycle analysis to ten people, many of them wanted to learn more about this concept. I think a lot of these students were interested in finding out more information because the majority of them believe in sustainability. The everyday choice that I asked the subjects to compare was the trip to campus by bus or private vehicle scenario. Person 1 , class of 2009, and an AEM major, chose the bus because it produced less waste. Person 1 believed it produced less waste because more people could ride on the bus than in a private vehicle, whereas several cars would have to be taken to accommodate the same amount of people. Person 2 , class of 2007, a BEE major also believes that the bus would be better because it could hold more passengers. She believes that by riding the Tcat buses students will save more oil because less people will be driving their cars. She also believes these buses should be used more often, especially during the school week. Person 3 , class of 2010, an ILR major believes that the bus in more efficient. However, he believes that private vehicles could be used as long as there are more than 2-3 people in the vehicle. He favors car pooling because he doesn’t believe that the Tcat service on campus is reliable. Nevertheless, he concluded that overall that using the bus more energy and fuel would be saved. Person 4 , class of 2008, an Africana Major, thought that a bus would be better because private vehicles produce more pollution. She believes that private vehicles will emit more pollution overall because if there are more vehicles traveling to class everyday emissions and traffic will increase. Person 5 , class of 2009, a Government major believes that the best way to travel to and from campus is the bus service. She believes that the bus relieves traffic and causes less private vehicles to be on the road. She stated that if more vehicles were on the road, that traffic will increase, causing the commute to campus to take longer, which will in return increase pollution. Person 6 , class of 2008, an undecided student, in my opinion provided me with one of the most illogical response. He believes that private vehicles are more environmentally friendly and emits less pollution then buses. His justification for is that “private vehicles are weigh less and are smaller than buses, so in return emit less pollution”. Person 7 , class of 2008, an undecided student believes that the bus service is better because it keeps less private vehicles on the road and reduces emissions. Person 8 , class of 2009, a Hotel Major, chose the bus because he does not know how to drive and believe pollution will be reduced because of the bus service. Person 9
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Lesson 13 Assignment 2_Problem_Set_Solution - 1 BEE 299...

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