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Lesson 15 Assignment 2 Task 1 The different codes of ethics seemed pretty similar to me. They all were rather vague and had very generic comments. I really liked the fact that these regulations were included in all of the bylaws of these different organizations and companies. I didn’t really like the “lackadaisical,” for lack of a better word, manner in which they were stated. It just seemed like they could have gotten more in depth with what they were referring to. Leaving it that open ended would make it difficult to ever prosecute someone for going against these rules. The INES pledge was a little better than the rest of them. It had an obvious focus on sustainability and seemed genuinely concerned about the future and making sure that the rules were clear. Task 2 Social I will always be sure to act civilly and morally when interacting with my co-workers and
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Unformatted text preview: anyone for that matter. I will try to set an example by always working in the most sustainable environment that I can create. I will always try to make the most ethical and sustainable choice when in situations that affect others. Environmental I will always try to complete my projects and/or assignments on the job using the least amount of resources and energy as possible. When planning projects, I will always take environmental concerns as a priority and try to develop is a sustainable manner. Economic When trying to make economic improvements, I will not let it be at the expense of sustainability. I will try to minimize my costs but not at the expense of sustainability. I will not let me economic innovations deter me from being as sustainable as possible....
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